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So You Need A Custom DJ Drop?

Custom DJ Drops is the place for all your voice projects. I have more than 25 years in production and broadcasting. I'm here to put my experience to work for you, and I've a stable of talent to give you exactly the voice you're after. I do DJ Drops, Dry Voice Drops, Sexy Female Drops, Radio Spots, and Celebrity Artist Drops. You can contact me, Jay Smith, at 877-435-3767 to inquire about additional services such as imaging, commercials, on-hold messaging, and show intros.

I'm a working DJ myself and at the turntable 4 nights a week. So DJ Drops are my main production focus. You'll find my custom DJ drops are just that, custom made, all original, no pre-formed templates. I have the equipment and experience unmatched in a sea of mediocre, try as they might, dj drop producers. You've found the BIG FISH.

The quality of my recordings speak for themselves, and my pricing is very competative for true and genuine custom dj drops. Be sure to checkout out my popular $55 Special, where I offer 7 high quality, completely original DJ Drops for the price of 5. Also, if you sign-up for my Newsletter you will receive killer special pricing offers in your email every month!

Get A DJ Drop For Free

I am so sure you'll want to use Custom DJ Drops to brand your DJ mix, I will GIVE you a FREE DJ DROP. Just get in touch with me through the Contact Form.

You need to sound your best when you're behind the turntable. Every drop and radio spot we create is produced and customized specifically for you, my personal client, and there is no more more important to my business than my clients. I never just drop your name over the top of a "template" bed. No way! Everything Custom DJ Drops does is original down to the last drop.

If you can't find the information you need, call us at877-435-3767 (877-4-DJ-DROP). I can’t wait to help you.

Be sure to checkout our Blog and keep in touch with what I'm up to at Custom DJ Drops.

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